Some favourite other’s pieces

Pessoa as Absurdist

“Sometimes I inwardly, objectively observe delightful and absurd things which I can’t even imagine seeing, for they’re illogical to our eyesight – bridges that connect nothing to nothing, roads without beginning or ending, upside-down landscapes …. the absurd, the illogical, the contradictory, everything that removes us from reality and its vast entourage of practical thoughts, human feelings, and all notions of useful and profitable action. Absurdity prevents the state of spirit in which dreaming is a sweet fury from ever becoming too tedious” Book of disquiet

Bolaño as a sickness (love sickness)

“There’s a secret sickness called Lisa. Like all sicknesses, its miserable and it comes on at night. In the weave of a mysterious language whose words whose words signify without exception that the foreigner “isn’t well”. And somehow I would like her to know that the foreigner is “struggling,” in “strange lands,” “without much chance of writing epic poetry,” “without much chance of anything.” The sickness takes me to strange and frozen bathrooms where the plumbing works according to an unexpected mechanism. The sickness is a wake. (The author appears shirtless, in black glasses, posing with a dog and a backpack in the summer somewhere.)” Antwerp

Kafka gone swimming

Kafka’s diary entry Aug 2, 1914 “Germany has declared war on Russia. Swimming in the afternoon.”

Over 37 million military and civilian lives lost

Lispector as love

“The next instant, do I make it? or does it make itself? We make it together with our breath. And with the flair of the bullfighters in the ring.”
“A dangerous balance, mine, mortal danger for the soul. The night of today looks at me with torpor, verdigris and lime. I want inside this night that is longer than life, I want, inside this night, life raw and bloody and full of saliva, I want this word: splendidness, splendidness is the fruit in its succulence, fruit without sadness.” Agua Viva

Claire Potter Ferns and Swallows

“In the dark, lights blonde, it could be said
that circus wires wouldn’t connect us
makes me think of the afternoon in the tilting park
when you refused to sit near” Swallow, 2010

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